The Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

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Chicken salad

The Cruise Phase is the second stage of the Dukan Diet Plan and is the amazing diet which will lead you straight to your target weight. If you’ve managed to stick to the Attack Phase, you will be now pleased to re-introduce vegetables into your diet which will allow a lot more flexibility and variety in terms of recipes and flavours.

So let’s take a look at the Cruise Phase rules in a little more detail:
- The main principle of this stage is alternating days of pure-protein foods (PP, just like in the Attack Phase) with P+V days during which you are allowed all foods from the Attack Phase as well as vegetables without restricting quantities. There is no strict rule regarding which rhythm this should take however in my experience I’ve found that most people prefer and successfully lose weight by alternating one PV day with a PP day.
- Compared to the Attack Phase, the Cruise Phase requires you to walk a little longer everyday and a 30-minute walk is what Dr Dukan prescribes to all dieters as the minimum amount of daily exercise required.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Food List

- All pure-protein foods, condiments and drinks from the Attack Phase
- Any vegetable of your liking, raw or cooked. Bear in mind that potatoes are not allowed at this stage as they contain a high amount of carbs.
- 2 tablespoons of oat bran. Again in this phase you can either decide to have with low-fat dairy products or use to make a savoury or sweet Dukan Diet oat bran galette.

How long should the Cruise Phase Last?

The rule is very simple: follow the Cruise Phase until you reach your target weight.
I just wanted to point out that, if from time to time any diet slip ups should occur, there will be no need to start all over again from the first stage. No “bad day” will wreck your diet. Just carry on with the Cruise Phase as normal and you’ll see how forgiving the scales will be after a few days of PP and PV.
To find out more on how often you should be monitoring your progress, take a look at our blog post titled “How Often Should I Weigh Myself on the Dukan Diet?“.

Dukan Diet Cruise Phase Menu Example and Meal Plan (7 days)

We have created the Cruise Phase menu example and meal plan below just to show you how easy it is to keep your diet varied and enjoy different foods while still following the Dukan plan to the letter:

Day 1 (P+V)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, Italian style tomato eggs
Lunch: Chicken Greek salad
Snack: Celery sticks with low fat cream cheese
Dinner: Chilli chicken and red pepper fajitas with spicy oat bran galette

Day 2 (PP)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, low fat ham omelette
Lunch: Spanish style seafood lunch
Snack: Fat-free yoghurt
Dinner: Spicy Cajun turkey mini burgers

Day 3 (P+V)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, turkey bacon rashers with roasted mushrooms
Lunch: Oat bran galette sandwich with ham and tomato
Snack: Crab sticks
Dinner: Turkey chilli con mushrooms

Day 4 (PP)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, fat free yoghurt with goji berries
Lunch: Indian spicy omelette
Snack: Dukan coffee frappuccino, sugar-free jelly
Dinner: Sea bass fillets with herbed oat bran crust

Day 5 (P+V)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, spinach and lime frittata
Lunch: No cream asparagus soup
Snack: Carrot sticks with cream cheese
Dinner: Chicken, mushroom and pepper casserole

Day 6 (PP)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, roast turkey slices with cottage cheese
Lunch: Oat bran galette sandwich with cream cheese, roast beef and black pepper
Snack: Homemade sugar-free fat-free frozen yoghurt
Dinner: Super quick all spice salmon

Day 7 (P+V)
Breakfast: Hot drink with skimmed milk and sweetener, full English breakfast Dukan style
Lunch: Dukan prawn cocktail
Snack: Fat free yoghurt with oat bran
Dinner: Ginger and chilli roast chicken with green salad

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