Chocolate Ice Cream

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Chocolate ice cream
Preparation time: 15 minutes

Freezing time: 15-30 minutes depending on your ice cream machine


350g of fat free fromage frais
3 eggs, separated
granulated sweetener to taste (I used 6 teaspoons)
a bit of vanilla flavouring
2 teaspoons of reduced fat cocoa powder (tolerated)

Let’s get cooking

1. Using an electric whisk, whisk up the egg whites until they reach the stiff peak stage. Add the sweetener and mix well using a spoon
2. Beat the egg yolks, then add them to the egg whites and stir lightly. Add the cocoa powder, the vanilla essence and the fromage frais to the mixture and fold in
3. Pour it all into an ice cream maker and churn until the mixture looks like soft ice cream – mine took approximately 15-20 minutes
4. Enjoy straight away or store in the freezer for up to a week

Do try this Dukan-friendly ice cream at home

Here are my recommended budget ice cream makers: